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We aim to simplify and streamline your financial affairs, helping you understand and improve your current financial position.

We are committed to our clients throughout each life stage helping you achieve your goals leading up to and beyond retirement.

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My Vision and Guarantee for Newbridge Financial Planning


I have been in financial services since 1998. In that time the profession has changed and regulations have changed dramatically. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the role I play. I do believe that I am here to help people. Help my customers achieve their financial goals. Help take the stress away from not knowing. To educate, to empower people. Financial Services can be so complicated, that is why I have spent many years learning, developing and growing so that I can become better at what I do. I do this for my clients, to make sure they are always getting the best advice possible.


  I guarantee that we will be honest and ethical in all our dealings with you and your family  I guarantee that we will be honest and ethical in all our dealings with anyone you refer us too  I guarantee that we will give you the best advice at all times  I guarantee that we will keep in regular contact with you  I guarantee I will do what I say

Gareth Elliott


With branches serving Northern Ireland in Belfast and Ballymena, we can provide independent financial advice to suit your needs.

  • Advising on the protection of your family and income
  • Helping you achieve your financial goals; providing financial support for your sons and daughters throughout education and beyond.
  • Working with you to ensure your savings are invested appropriately for you as an individual.
  • Handling your expectations towards your retirement planning
  • Improving your opportunity and ability to retire when you want, and enjoying the lifestyle in retirement that you desire.
  • Assessing individual goals and your ongoing ability to meet your personal financial needs throughout each life stage from purchasing your first home to collecting your pension.

The Process


When you contact Newbridge Financial Planning, Tammy will be your first contact. She will tell you a little bit about the business and our process. She will arrange an appointment at your convenience in either our Belfast or Ballymena office. She will inform you of anything you need to bring with you. Tammy will also send you out an appointment card to confirm date and time of appointment. She will then send you our GDPR forms to sign. We need this to be able to discuss your circumstances.  

We do charge an initial consultation fee of £200. We do this because we feel that you will benefit from our 20 years of experience in financial services where we have helped 1000’s of customers. It also means we are not dependent on “selling you a product”. But instead listening to your needs, objectives and concerns and helping you in the best way possible.

At your appointment we will provide you with our client agreement and also our service and fee agreement. We will gather some facts about you and discuss your needs and objectives. We may also complete a risk questionnaire.


After our initial discussion and you have agreed to proceed we will discuss what happens next. This is the part you don’t see. We will have to gather together all the information we need and perform some research. Obviously as qualified advisors we have extensive knowledge of the whole range of financial solutions. However it is important to us to research for you, the individual. All our clients are different so individual recommendations are necessary.

It takes us time to create these individual recommendations which can in some cases be very complex. We have to look at all your potential options, discount the ones which are not suitable then create a report with our recommendation. These reports can be lengthy and we will do our best to explain the contents.

The recommendation will be based around building a plan to achieve your goals and objectives.


On our second meeting we will firstly make sure that your circumstances have not changed since our last meeting. Then we will briefly cover what happened on the first appointment before making our recommendation to you.

We will provide you with all the information that you will need to make an informed decision. As Independent Financial Advisors we are well placed to give you the right recommendations for your needs and then help you implement the plan. Because we are independent we research all your options to make sure we give you the best possible advice. The alternative to this is that some firms are restricted. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it means that they only offer advice in certain areas, or from a panel of providers. So please ask your Financial Advisor if they are independent or restricted.


We offer different ongoing service levels depending on individual needs. We believe ongoing reviews are important.

The purpose of a review is to;

  • Reassess the suitability of the initial advice; 
  • Assess any impact of tax and legislative changes
  • Update our information held on you; 
  • Reassess your attitude to risk and Capacity for Loss; 
  • Review your cashflow plan and; 
  • Review the performance of your funds.

Case Studies

Here are some examples of how a visit from Newbridge Financial Planning can help you.

Young & Single

Think you are too young to need financial advice?

Young & Just Married

Starting out in life together, just bought your own home, thinking about starting a family?

Married with Young Children

Now you have the kids are your financial plans up to date?

Children have left home

So the kids have gone and its just the 2 of you again. So its time to start planning. Are you thinking about your retirement?


So now you have worked hard all your life. About to retire. What are your options?
Gareth has been our Financial Advisor for some time and to date has been true to his word. We wish him success and would highly recommend his services
Tony & Joan


I have absolute trust in Gareth and the advice he gives. His knowledge and diligence have been invaluable
Mr Hogg


Gareth is an excellent Financial Advisor. He is very personable and easy to talk to. He always keeps me regularly updated on how my investment is doing ………very satisfied with his service