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We are committed to providing you with a personalised service, which will give you peace of mind that your finances are in very safe hands.
Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. From getting to know you, to our research to our meetings with fund managers and the Financial Conduct Authority.  We give you peace of mind by helping you identify, achieve and maintain your desired standard of living without fear of ever running out of money.
Our financial advice simplifies and streamlines your financial affairs, reducing what you pay in tax and increasing what you have to spend on the things you enjoy.
We specialise in working with people approaching retirement, advising on options at retirement,  or those who are already retired.
Gareth Elliott Principal

Gareth’s Profile

Managing Director

Building strong relationships with my clients is at the centre of what I do.  I believe in the importance of the relationship between an advisor and his/her client. It is a long term relationship, one that will have good times and maybe not so good.  It is important to build trust, and that works both ways.  I may be calling you to discuss issues that are very personal to you such as your pension or your investments therefore, I would like for you to know more about me and who you are dealing with.

I am originally from Ballymoney in County Antrim. I went to school at Dalriada Grammar then onto Coleraine Technical College (as it was called then). I took 2 years out to work, and then decided to go back into education and studied Human Resource Management at Stirling University.  Although Human Resource Management has little to do with Financial Services, I learnt the importance of strong relationships and the ability to communicate well which lends itself to the success of Newbridge Financial Planning and the overall satisfaction of my clients.
After University I applied for several jobs.  I was lucky enough to be offered a job as an Insurance Agent with Pearl Assurance. Bit of family history, my Grandad worked for Pearl way back and used to collect money on his bicycle.
Independent Financial Advisor
I worked for Pearl Assurance for 4 years, and then became self employed for the first time.  I worked for Friends Provident and Legal and General, then back to being employed as a mortgage advisor. After a year or so of that I again went back to being self employed as a mortgage advisor for An Independent Mortgage Solution in Belfast. I enjoyed working there but when the financial crisis started to hit in late 2007 I decided to become a Financial Planner because I could see in my travels that there was a real need out there for financial planning advice. I attained the proper qualification and started my firm Elliott Financial Services, which is now known as Newbridge Financial Planning Ltd.
I believe that this is the career I have been building towards, the great training I received with Pearl. Working in different set-ups, some good, some bad. It has taught me much about the industry. I believe that with my upbringing, the way my parents installed honesty, integrity, doing the right thing in me is exactly the grounding I needed to become the Financial Planner I am today. So I hope that after reading this, you will know me a little better. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Gareth Elliott

Managing Director , Newbridge Financial Planning Ltd