Guide To New Year Wealth Planning

Jan 31, 2017Financial Advice

Navigating The Financial Aspects Of Your Unique Life’s Journey

Welcome to our Guide to New Year Wealth Planning.

The start of a new year enables you to reassess and critique your financial plans and goals to ensure that you know where you are and where you should be.

It means you can also put in place new strategies or update existing ones to achieve the outcomes you are expecting. It means you can work towards and meet deadlines and allocate sufficient time to completing these financial objectives.

When it comes to setting financial goals, they should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Having said this, one of the main reasons why some people don’t achieve their financial goals is because of the loss of commitment due to decreased motivation, lack of interest or changes in priorities.

But most of us want a life full of meaning and adventure without compromising our financial futures, and a little pain now in terms of planning can mean we avoid a whole lot of pain later on.

Hot financial topics for the New Year
Inside our guide, we look at some of the hot financial topics you should consider at the start of a New Year to enable you to navigate through the maze of legislation, avoid paying unintended tax and make the most of your money for you and your loved ones.


  • What are you planning for in 2017?
    How to look forward to what you want to accomplish
  • Assessing current and forecasted wealth
    Making the most of your money to achieve your financial objectives
  • Looking ahead to your retirement years
    Making sure you can sustain the level of income you need
  • Pension power
    Take full advantage of tax relief – annual and lifetime limits
  • Take your pension to the max
    Why monitoring the value of your pensions is important
  • Self-invested personal pensions
    Freedom to choose and manage your own investments
  • Misplaced pension pots
    Do you have any forgotten or lost pension policies?
  • Building a more secure financial future
    Make the most of your investment opportunities
  • Managing investment risk
    Achieving your long-term financial goals whilst minimising risk
  • Generating income
    Certain innate behavioural traits influence decision-making
  • Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts
    Saving flexibly for a first home and retirement
  • Wealth preservation
    Inheritance Tax – no longer a tax that only the richest people in society have to face
  • Planning for Inheritance Tax
    Taking preventative action is essential

Want To Discuss The Options For Accumulating And Preserving Your Wealth?

There are numerous options available when accumulating and preserving wealth. With our advice, you can be confident of making the right decisions based on your unique financial and family situation to best meet your personal objectives.

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