1) Review your pensions – When was the last time you reviewed your pension.  Has it been performing as you would expect.  There are options and there are good returns!


2) Review your life insurance – Is your life insurance up to date?  Have you had or are you going to have a baby?  You may need more insurance.  Or are you paying too much?


3) Protecting your Income – In an uncertain world shouldn’t you have your income protected in case you become unable to work through illness or injury.  How would your family cope without your income? Think about it.


4) Savings – Are you saving for the future? childrens education, retirement, holiday home?  Getting a good return on your savings? If not then you need to review your plans.


5) Private Medical Insurance – Have you faith in the NHS?  I know there have been good and bad stories about the NHS.  I have yet to hear a bad story about Private Medical Insurance.  My policy costs me £42 per month and is very comprehensive.  I wouldn’t be without it.  It gives me peace of mind.


6) Critical Illness – When you have time check out the statistics on how many people suffer from Heart Attacks, Cancer and Stroke.  Then give me a ring and review your critical illness cover.


7) Investments – Are your investments tax efficient?  Are your investment regulated and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.  Are you getting a good return?  Happy with your advisor?


8) Wills – Have you sorted that Will you have been meaning to for the past 5-10 years?  It is so easy to get a Will done – just make sure its done right and by a solicitor!


9) Use of Trusts – Why use Trusts? and what is a Trust?  You need to know this because it could save your family thousands of pounds or at the very least alot of hassle.  When they are grieving your loss, do you want them stressing about money?


10) Financial Advisors – Do you have one?  Are you happy with the service and cost of your current Advisor?  Do you know what to look for in a financial advisor? How do you choose?

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