Financial Wellness

Newbridge Financial Planning are offering Wellness Education Workshops, designed to empower your employees to improve their financial wellbeing.


Our bespoke plan will help your employees reduce stress related to financial matters and have a happier workforce as a result.


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What is financial wellness – A definition

Financial wellness (or financial wellbeing) refers to a person’s overall financial health and the absence of money-related stress.

Financial wellness is an important part of overall employee wellbeing which consists of physical, mental, and financial wellness. 

Why financial wellness matters

Unsurprisingly, financial stress can have negative impact on both the personal and professional lives of your employees – and on your organisation. We’ve listed some of the reasons why financial wellbeing is important below.


Money-related stress can lead to an increase in presenteeism; employees coming to work despite being physically or mentally unwell. While it may seem less bad – people are physically present in the workplace after all – presenteeism seriously affects organisations and can cost them a lot of money.

Happy & healthier employees

Worrying about finances can result in a wide range of (serious) health issues for employees, varying from depression and anxiety all the way to ulcers and even heart problems.

In other words: if you can take your employees’ financial worries out of the equation, that’s one step closer to a healthier and happier workforce.
Apart from the fact that financial stress affects an individual employee’s health and morale, it will eventually also weigh on their team members and other colleagues.

Productivity loss

When you know that financial stress leads to an increase in absenteeism, presenteeism, and ill employees, it’s no real surprise that it also affects their productivity.

What is a financial wellness programme

Employee financial wellness programs are programs that help employees (better) manage their finances and reduce financial worries. As such, they contribute to a better overall financial wellbeing for employees.

A financial wellness program is aimed at educating employees. This can be done in various ways varying from finance counselling and coaching on specific topics to the use of a platform that supports employees in managing their money.

What you get

You get access to our Workshops which can either be as one off workshop days or as an ongoing service and can be either online or in-person 1-1 or in groups designed to address important issues your employees are facing.

Workshop topics can include:

  • Cashflow and budget Planning
  • Retirement Planning – what is your number?
  • Portfolio Management
  • Getting the most from your insurances
  • Financial planning for life events

  • Avoiding Financial Pitfalls/mistakes

Our Qualified Financial Planners will work with your organization to customize a plan to fit the needs of your employees covering any number of topics.

Benefit to Employers

How concerned are you about your employee’ financial stress?

How is overall participation in your employee benefits program?

Do you have concerns about worker productivity and employee retention?

Newbridge Financial Planning Wellness Education Workshops are learning events designed to increase your employees’ financial knowledge around a wide variety of financial planning topics.

You’ll help your employees reduce stress related to financial matters and have a happier workforce as a result.

We will help your employees make better financial decisions leading to better outcomes which in turn leads to reduced employee stress and improved productivity.

How you get it

Newbridge Financial Planning will work with you on designing a bespoke plan and helping your organization promote the event to your employees. The event can be online, in-person, or both!

Help your employee make smart financial decisions

Introducing SMART MONEY is a financial wellness ongoing program designed to help your employees decrease their financial stress by providing comprehensive financial planning. An online solution supported by Chartered Financial Planner the program helps your employees take control of their personal finances. By helping empower your employees financially, your organization will improve talent retention rates, increase worker productivity, and grow participation in your organization’s employee benefit programs.

Our comprehensive financial planning solution includes:

FINANCIAL PLAN – Employees work with a Newbridge Financial Planner to create a plan for themselves and their families.

ONLINE PORTAL – Easily and regularly track against financial goals. Access spending plans, investment statements, and user-friendly tools to help you stay on track.

EDUCATION RESOURCES – Webinars, training modules, best practice articles, and on-site resources.

ADVISOR HOTLINE – After a plan is built, regularly access a Financial Planner to answer questions and address challenges.

E-MAIL ALERTS & MONITORING – Notifications to keep the plan on track and updates as resources are added to the portal.

What you get

We empower your employees to manage their financial decisions and challenges with confidence:

  • Cash flow & budgeting
  • Building savings
  • Paying off debts
  • Retirement planning
  • Rent vs buy decisions
  • Insurance needs
  • Portfolio Management

The SMART Financial Wellness Process Step by Step:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Set up online portal
  • Connect with your financial planner
  • Monitor & Stay Connected

Empower your employees to improve their financial wellbeing

Employees often look to their employer for help navigating the personal financial issues that are part of their changing environment:


  • Greater employee responsibility for retirement, saving, and investing decisions
  • Insufficient retirement savings which impacts retirement readiness
  • Stressful personal situations or life events that distract employees at work (debt, paying for college, preparing for retirement, caring for aging parents)
  • Organizational change such as workforce reductions, voluntary and involuntary early retirement programs, and relocations
  • Benefits changes like retirement plan conversions or WORKPLACE PENSION plan enhancements
  • Lack of knowledge, appreciation, and utilization of employer benefits including retirement plans, insurance, Health Savings Accounts, and legal services plans

What does this service cost?

We can offer adhoc one day packages from £595. This offers your employees:

  • access to a Chartered Financial Planner
  • Up to 1 hour 1-1 meeting or
  • Series of group workshops

Areas that can be covered are: Workplace Pensions, Employee Benefits, Advantages of cashflow/budget planning, retirement planning and protection needs.

The SMART Employee Wellness Package is a bespoke ongoing package which gives employees ongoing access to Qualified Financial Planners online, either via Video or via their own Portal. Onsite visits can be offered for example on a quarterly basis.

Basic package which includes 4 site visits per year (same offering as above plus employee portal) cost

  • £2000 per year payable monthly (based on up to 50 employees)
  • £4000 per year based on 100 employees
  • £8000 per year based on 200 employees.
  • Bespoke packages are available based on the needs of the business.

More complex individual needs will be charged on a fixed fee basis payable by employee. For example:

  • Review of personal investment portfolio
  • Full retirement review and recommendation

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