My role, as protection paraplanner, begins after the Advisor has been out to meet our new client. This is the part that clients do not see, behind closed doors… Team Newbridge, working together to support the Adviser and client. The first step is for the Adviser and I to discuss the client’s needs and then I begin to research suitable products available. As an independent business, Newbridge is not restricted in any way and we are able to look at the whole market to find the most suitable for the client’s needs… one size does NOT fit all!  Based on the research, I am able to collate all the information so the adviser can make an informed decision on which product is suited to the client’s current circumstances.  I then prepare a suitability report; a concise document which lays everything out for the client.  The adviser will then meet with the client again, to discuss our recommendation and once agreed, we begin the application process. The client completes a confidential health and lifestyle application form, which we then submit to the provider.   There are many possible outcomes following initial submission; — The application can be accepted immediately at standard rate… — declined in its entirety… — the policy could be rated; resulting in an increase in premium… — or an exclusion could be made from the client’s policy… The latter usually follows medical or financial underwriting. This underwriting takes into account the client’s current health following a GP report or medical examination, or the amount of cover the client already has in place.  Whatever the initial outcome – we keep the client up to date on progress and address any issues as they arise – through to application completion.  

At Newbridge Financial Planning we offer an ongoing service for our Pensions and Investments clients.  Protection however, is considered an important part of our service that we offer.  We help our clients grow and protect their assets and future income, protecting our client’s family and businesses is core to what we do at Newbridge.  However, we do not want the service to stop there.  We strive to maintain strong links with all our clients.  We believe that by offering a first-class service to all our clients, this helps build these relationships.  Through this relationship, we believe our clients feel they can come and speak to any of our advisers about the range of services we provide, or indeed contact us if their circumstances change down the line.

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