Pension consolidation – Bringing all of your separate pension plans together into one single pension pot

Few of us today remain in the same career throughout our working lives. The result is that many people may have a number of different pension pots from previous employers. However, combining them into one single pension could make real financial sense.

If you have accumulated different pension plans, keeping your pension savings in different plan schemes may result in lost investment opportunities and unnecessary exposure to risk. Making the most of your pension plans now could have a significant impact on your happiness in retirement; getting it right could mean a higher income, or even an earlier retirement date.

Not all pension consolidations will be in your best interests, and you should always look carefully into the possible benefits and drawbacks and, if unsure, seek professional financial advice.

If you’re unhappy with your existing pension arrangements, and you consider that your funds are not performing, it may make sense to consolidate. To find out more about how we can help you review your options, please call us on 028 2544 6120 to discuss how we can help or use the contact form by clicking here.

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A Guide to Pension consolidation

A Guide to Pension consolidation

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