Case Studies

The following case studies are scenarios where we have enabled our clients to achieve their goal through financial planning

Young & Single

Think you are too young to need financial advice? A visit from a financial planner may prove very useful. Do you know the difference between starting a pension at 21, 31 or leaving it until you are 41. So if you start saving at 21 years old and you are thinking of retiring at 65 years old and you want £800 per month income (not including state pension) you would need to save £121 per month. Leave it to you are 31 years old that figure is £200 per month. Leave it until you are 41 years old then you would have to save £360 per month. The longer you leave it the more it will cost and could become unaffordable so you may have to keep working, downsize your house etc. Note: Assumes growth of 6% per annum and inflation 2%. Figures from Cashcalc 9th April 2018. Not only should you be thinking about your retirement but also about the cost of insurance. Life Insurance, Income Protection, both will be much cheaper to buy when you are 25-30 years old. Plus you may still be healthy enough to pay those cheap premiums. I can tell you first hand how important it is to protect the income you have.
“I believe in income protection so much I bought it as soon as became self employed. All I could think was how am I going to pay my bills if I am unable to work” Gareth Elliott – Owner, Newbridge Financial Planning.
Life insurance example – £200,000 for 25 years life cover only as a 41 year old male non smoker will cost you £20.18 per month. As a 31 year old male the same cover would cost you £10.35 per month. Note: Premiums dependent upon individual circumstances. Some premiums may be increases dependent on health. Figures as of 25th September 2014.

Young & Just Married

Starting out in life together, just bought your own home, thinking about starting a family. You need financial planning advice. Mortgages, Life insurance, Income Protection, building a fund for those kids that you are going to have soon. And remember when you have changes in your life such as getting married and having kids make sure you have an up to date Will. If you have little knowledge of financial planning where do you start?

Married with Young Children

Now you have the kids are your financial plans up to date? Still have enough life insurance. Are you both still working or did one of you take a few years off to look after the kids. How would you manage if the bread winner became unable to work. Could you survive? How’s that emergency fund looking? Also plan ahead, what price will property be when your kids are looking to buy their first home. Generally property doubles in value every 10 years. Should you think about saving to help them with a deposit? What about a fund for their education? As a financial planning firm we can help.

Children have left home

So the kids have gone and its just the 2 of you again. So its time to start planning. Are you thinking about your retirement? What plans have you? Dreaming of retiring in Portugal? Just in case those kids try to move back in? What will that cost you? Whatever your dreams and ambitions, a visit from a financial planner can help you look at the picture as it stands now and show you how you can achieve your goals.


So now you have worked hard all your life. About to retire. What are your options? What is the best option for you? Is it purchasing an Annuity, or is it Income Drawdown? Or a mixture of both? This is a very complex area and not one which should be rushed or dealt with without proper advice. Have you pension savings? Have you invested in ISA’s? How can you make best use of what you have built up to achieve the income needed for your retirement. We can help sort through all your options and help you get started. What other concerns have you at this time? Is your Will up to date? Have you Inheritance Tax Issues? We can help. Where ever you are in life having a financial planner can help. We can tailor our service to suit you. We want you to feel comfortable in coming to us for advice. Our fees will be clear and competitive and structured to suit you. So if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.