Working with Solicitors and Accountants

Are you a solicitor or accountant in the UK. We have a special offer for you to be able to offer a great service to you, your firm and your clients. No matter where you are in the UK, Belfast, London, Liverpool, Manchester or elsewhere we can provide a value for money service.

Our proposition centres around giving you some of our time tailored to your requirements on a retainer. This retainer will mean that we will visit your office and be available to provide you, your staff and clients access to our services. So if you don’t already provide a service like this we would be interested in discussing with you the benefits of working with an Independent Financial Advisory firm.

Maybe you already have this service but are not happy with your current advisor. Maybe we can offer something different.

One of the main advantages is our fees. Because we are based in Northern Ireland, you will be paying Northern Ireland level fees and not the generally higher fees that a big city firm would charge.

We are happy to come to you for a meeting to discuss how we can best work together for the benefit of your clients.